Pet Friendly Beach

We love you but the law must be respected

You know that taking dogs to the beach is your right?
Discover our useful mini-guide to enjoy a relaxed and informed holiday.

The animal has an ID CARD Always bring it with you!!

At your disposal:
Water, pebbles, shovel, waste bags, dedicated tap and refreshing shower bucket.

Spiaggia Pet Friendly Sardegna
Access is allowed only to SMALL and MEDIUM sized dogs:

  • BIG size Dogs are not allowed without a veterinarian certifies that ensure the docile nature of the dog and the owner’s ability to take care of him.
  • Dogs are allowed only at DEDICATED UMBRELLAS.
  • Dogs are not allowed in other areas beyond those dedicated to them.
  • Dogs can are not allowed at the bar, are not allowed at shower and either to get into the sea.

The dog must ALWAYS be kept at the LEASH;

  • The Dog owner must have a rigid or soft MUSER to be applied to the Dog in case of necessity.
  • Medium sized Dogs must always have it attached to the collar if not on the mouth.
  • The Dog must always be tied to an anchor (UMBRELLA) with leash ad a maximum length of 1.5 meters.
  • The stay of dogs is allowed only in the dedicated areas.
  • If the Dog by temperament or character proves DANGEROUS or causes DISORDER it must be removed.
  • The Dog must be removed from the area if by temperament or character proves to be DANGEROUS or to cause DISORDER.
  • The owner of the dog is the last responsible, both civilly and criminally of the behavoiur of the Dog himself.
  • The Dog owner is responsible for CLEANING from Dog’s dejections, we can provide scoop and waste bags in case you do not have them.
  • The female dogs in evident period phase are not allowed.

IMPORTANT: the owner of the dog upon arrival at the beach must fill out a form presenting the dog’s SANITARY BOOK, reporting all the vaccinations carried out with the relative date:

The dog must be vaccinated for:

  • Cimber, leptospirosis, canine infectious hepatitis (from not less he did 20 days and no more than 12 months.
  • Echinococcosis (for not less than 2 days and not more than 20).
  • Treatment for external parasites.
  • Insect repellent treatment.

In case of inspection by the competent authorities, if the supposed rules are not found, you can incur a fine ranging from € 200 to € 450 for the owner of the dog and fines from € 1,000 to € 3,000 for the owners of the place.

See section of the bathing ordinance DETERMI. PROT. 10208 REP. N. 663 DEL 03 APRILE 2020.